Why host a CCN 2018 competition at your Company?

We believe in the Triple Bottom Line - looking at not only the fiscal impacts and the impact on the environment, but also how sustainability impacts people and social systems. This was a great chance to implement that philosophy.

1. Engage, educate, motivate, and empower building owners, operators and occupants to conserve resources

2. Illustrate the massive cost savings possible through conservation efforts

3. Foster a culture of conservation

4. Bring awareness to your organization's sustainability initiatives

5. Achieve measurable reductions in electricity use, preventing thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted.

6. Generate positive media around your efforts to reduce resource use

CCN showed us that small steps really do add up to a huge difference, and that this kind of reduction is important for us and for the Austin community at large.
— Cristina Bordin, Sustainability Coordinator, St. Edwards University

Have questions? Get in touch with us at ccn@luciddg.com