Planning checklist

✓  Attend or view Lucid's Competition Training Webinar

The webinar takes place on Wednesday November 30, 11am PT / 2pm ET - a recording will be available after.

✓  Sign up to participate by December 22

✓  If you've  CCN's training webinar series to understand the big picture

Attend CCN's series of four training webinars in early November to gain an overview of how to run a successful competition. 

✓  Review the Competition Planning Guide

Lay the groundwork for a successful competition by completing the first five steps in the CCN Competition Planning Guide:

Step 1 - Investigate your data collection options

Step 2 - Form a Competition Organizing Team

Step 3 - Rough-in your timeline

Step 4 - Identify your goals

Step 5 - Gain broad support

✓  Confirm your meter data

If you'll be using manual data, practice your meter readings. If you have data integrations with BuildingOS, confirm they are online before your baseline period starts. We highly recommend checking the meter data (or taking practice readings) in all of your participating buildings. You might discover inconsistencies among the meters or even issues that must be addressed before the competition begins.

✓  Get down and dirty planning your competition

The CCN Competition Planning Guide, Data Collection & Technology Guide, and Marketing & Behavior Change Guide will walk you through the remaining planning stages step by step:

✓  Run your competition

Put your plans into action and reap the benefits of all of your hard work! Oh, and give yourself a pat of the back for changing the behavior of hundreds (or maybe thousands?!) of individuals at your organization for the better.