Tools for CCN Participants

Throughout the duration of their competition, each participating school will use Lucid's building operating system and several of its apps. Participants will use:

  1. BuildingOS - Operating system through which you can 1) set up buildings, meters, and competitions, 2) enter your electricity use data (from meter readings, connected utilities, or real-time data), and 3) modify the look and feel of your school's Storyboard
  2. Storyboards - Public website that displays the buildings involved in a competition, the electricity data from BuildingOS, and the competition standings (and other features!)
  3. Building Blocks - Embeddable ‘blocks’ that allow you to display information from BuildingOS - competition standings or electricity or water use - on any website, simply by copy and pasting

1. BuildingOS - Take the hassle out of data tracking

To allow data to be displayed on their school’s Building Dashboard, competition organizers at each organization enter data from their utility meters or building automation system into BuildingOS.

Participants that are reading physical utility meters can use the BuildingOS mobile site (image below) to instantaneously add meter readings to BuildingOS.  (Note: you do not need to enter data for meters that are connected to BuildingOS.) 

2. Storyboards - Effortlessly share competition standings

All competitions are visualized on Lucid's Storyboards, customized websites that allows participants to track competition standings, analyze performance, share winning strategies, and commit to taking conservation actions. 

3. Building Blocks - Share competition standings everywhere 

Lucid's Building Blocks enable competition organizers to directly embed competition standings and building electricity and water use data on unlimited number of websites to engage an even broader audience. Watch a video.