Sample Timeline


Sep. 16

CCN opens for registration! Sign up here. As soon as you register, mosey on over to the Plan Your Competition section of the CCN website. It’s never too early to start planning!

Sep. 23 - Nov. 3

CCN Kick-Off Webinars. Come learn more about the program and why you participate. Register here.

Nov. 7

Last day to register for CCN!

~Nov. 15

Participants receive a link to their free, customized Building Dashboard Network (check out this sample Building Dashboard for a preview of what yours will look like!).

Participants receive instructions for how to log-in to BuildingOS so that they can start setting up their competition.


CCN Training Webinar Series. Participants, attend each of the four training webinars in this series to get a solid understanding of what it takes to pull off a stellar competition. Take a look at the training webinar schedule, register to attend, and block these out on your calendar now!

Dec. 19

Last day to send your CCN Letter of Commitment to A signed CCN Letter of Commitment is required to participate in CCN. Why? Your competition will run much more smoothly, and will post larger savings, if you have the support of your facilities and res life staff. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Last day to register a group competition. Think your school can reduce more than your arch rival? How about more than any other school in your state or athletic league? Challenge them to a group competition!


Jan. 18

Schools with early February competitions begin recording meter data for their competition baselines.

Feb. 1

First day of CCN competition season! CCN uses a competition season model, which means that each participating school can hold their 3-week competition at any point during the program’s competition season.

Apr. 30

Last day of CCN competition season.

~May 8

CCN results & prize winners announced.

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