Why host a CCN 2017 competition at your school?

The competition is probably the best spirit-building activity after Colour Wars in Totem and the Vanier Olympics. It’s amazing and often hilarious to see everyone so intensely minimizing their environmental impacts. I once saw complete strangers being dragged out from a house elevator by housemates!
— Connie Chen, student at University of British Columbia

1. Reduce your institution’s electricity and/or water consumption and thus carbon footprint.

2. Reduce spending on electricity and water.

3. Foster a culture of conservation on campus.

4. Generate internal and external positive press and recognition for your campus (and perhaps even national recognition).

5. Foster collaboration and new relationships between campus groups that don’t often work with each other (facilities, residential life, marketing, sustainability, student groups, etc.).

6. Empower students to develop leadership, community organizing, analysis and other skills.

7. Increase energy and water literacy.

8. Establish a positive campus tradition.

9. Provide high-quality residential life programming and build house spirit.

10. Have a ton of fun!

We’ve found that the Energy Challenge is a gateway drug for sustainability. Your Energy Challenge contact (i.e. building captain) can then start a green team, or do Recyclemania. You have their email address!
— Emilie Rex, Assistant Director of Sustainability, Indiana University

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